Design Team

At the core of Architectural Design Associates Inc., Architect is the partnership formed by the principals Stephen Berrill, B. Arch., OAA and managing partner Jerry Kavanaugh, Arch. Tech.  Since its initial formation in 1991, ADA has grown to include additional associate architectural members and a well-rounded technical support staff.  Integral to the formation of ADA is the concept of project-driven teams. This approach employs highly focused, yet versatile design/production teams to address the various stages of the design and production of a project. The number, size and scope of such teams are directly related to the nature and scope of the project itself. This is a reflection of the various facets and complexity of the job. All teams are ultimately responsible to the project coordinator for scheduled meetings and reports. This structure allows the group a tighter working relationship amongst itself, as well as a broader foundation for the client to touch base with. ADA believes this approach is a significant factor in meeting the client's needs while expediting the design and production process while maintaining the projected budget.

The members of ADA consist of  a varied body of experience. This is reflected in the broad spectrum of work achieved thus far, which is varied in size, building type and clientele. Regardless of their magnitude or scope, each requires similar degrees of attention to economy, material, scale and systemization. The use of project driven teams allows any project to be dealt with in an efficient and detailed manner.  The attention to detail that ADA applies to building design also translates to our approach in dealing with our clients. It is a core belief that they develop an intimate relationship with the client where the exchange of ideas, concerns and issues can be freely discussed and resolved.

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